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Saturday, May 14, 2016

So THAT'S what 'mandatory' means

Today's story is truly vexing in every sense of the word - we can't make this stuff up.  But of course we NEVER make stuff up here at News That Vexes.  ["We're vexed so you don't have to" - note, we're still working on this slogan.].  We are proud to say we can't make this stuff up because we're simply not insane enough.  Here we go:

Mandatory flu shots tied to surge in health worker vaccinations

According this simultaneously stunning yet mind-numbing research,

Mandatory vaccination policies may encourage more healthcare workers to get annual flu shots and help prevent the spread of influenza.  ... After a mandatory vaccination policy, the study found that 94 percent of employees got inoculated for the 2013-2014 flu season.

Wait for it:

“Mandatory flu vaccination programs are the most effective mechanism for increasing health care worker vaccination rates,” said lead study author Dr. Elizabeth Frenzel, a researcher in infection control and employee health at MD Anderson.  Failure to comply could result in termination.

SHOCKING!  You may not be an expert in reading highly technical papers, so let us help you: this paper says that threatening to fire employees unless they get a flu shot causes employees to get a flu shot.  It's some sort of amazing and bizarre cause-and-effect reaction. 

This is science at its best.  Feel free to email the amazing Dr. Frenzel to congratulate her!  Best yet: this article required EIGHT authors.  Super bonus, read the original 'research' here.


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