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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Perhaps only in the Philippines?

It seems that if doctors tell their patients (or they see ads) to use formula instead of breastfeeding - new mothers are "6.4 times more likely to stop breast-feeding babies."

This blockbuster study was published in September, but the results were released only this week - probably because of how truly surprising and unexpected the results were?

Note it took SIX authors to create this study, though they don't publish the names of these genius doctors - longtime readers know we love to publish their names to tell them they've been published in News That Vexes.

All sarcasm aside, the study reports "Not breast-feeding also was associated with a 5.8 times increased risk of all-cause deaths in the first two months of life, with risks elevated up to the second year" We at News That Vexes strongly support breast-feeding.


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