News that Vexes

News that Vexes

It's so tiresome to read 'new studies' that reveal Smoking, Stress or Obesity are Bad for you. Yet these studies appear all the time. It's time to take back the newswire from so-called Scientists!

Monday, March 10, 2008

If both parents have Alzheimer's, your risk soars

New research from UW! If both parents have a hereditary illness, there's increased risk their offspring will have it too.

One of the researchers humbly implies this is obvious old news:
"I think it confirms that there's a strong genetic component in the disease and that's not a surprise," said Dr. Thomas Bird, whose study was published in the Archives of Neurology.

Ya think? So what's next for Dr. Bird?
The researchers have been doing the study for about two decades and intend to continue for at least another decade.

OK Doc, we'll get back to you.


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