News that Vexes

News that Vexes

It's so tiresome to read 'new studies' that reveal Smoking, Stress or Obesity are Bad for you. Yet these studies appear all the time. It's time to take back the newswire from so-called Scientists!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Japan's diet said healthier than American

Japanese Scientists deliver a stunner today -
a low-fat diet is much healthier than the average American menu and contributes to a longer life.
You must be kidding! It can't be so! It defies all logic!

Well, don't give up hope yet (but do put down the pork rinds perhaps).
A team of researchers at Japan's respected Tohoku University made the findings during a three-week study involving mice, according to one researcher, who requested anonymity due to policy.

Yes, you read it - it's only true for MICE! Not only that, the researcher remains anonymous, due to their policy of not naming people who say inane obvious things. I also love that the study lasted a whole 3 weeks. There's nothing like claiming things lengthen your life after studying them for 21 days or so. One last thing, they can't just say "Tohoku University" they have to say "respected Tohoku University." This is to prevent you from confusing it with "sleazeball diploma-mill Tohoku University."

The hilarious details:

A nutritionist created two menus comprising 21 typical foods from the United States and Japan, according to reports of the study seen by The Associated Press.
Each meal, freeze dried and mixed into powder, was given to eight mice for a period of three weeks, the reports showed.
The American menu included hamburgers and fried chicken, while the Japanese menu included sashimi, or raw fish, and rice porridge.


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