News that Vexes

News that Vexes

It's so tiresome to read 'new studies' that reveal Smoking, Stress or Obesity are Bad for you. Yet these studies appear all the time. It's time to take back the newswire from so-called Scientists!

Saturday, December 24, 2005 - Bad med students, bad docs

Bad medical students turn out to be bad doctors!? Sweet Georgia Brown! Thanks Maxine Papadakis ( ! She's lead author on the study and the dean for student affairs at the University of California-San Francisco medical school. (AVOID AVOID!!)

What I like is that they then explain "why this is important" which translates to "why you should not be saying 'Well DUH!' "

The research is important because it will allow great accountability "to the patients we serve," says James Thompson, president and CEO of the Federation of State Medical Boards.

"Thompson, the former dean of Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C., says medical educators have always known intuitively that there was a connection between unprofessional behavior in medical school and later problems. But Papadakis' work 'adds science at a time when we're demanding an evidence base for our judgments,' Thompson says."


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